The Cedars

The Cedars neighborhood is located directly south of downtown Dallas, and is the front door to Dallas' southern sector. Neither downtown nor southtown, the Cedars is a vastly diverse and unique neighborhood in itself.

Flag of Dallas

Seal of Dallas

City: Dallas
State: Texas
Country: USA
Mayor: Mike Rawlings
City Council:
District 2
Adam Medrano
County Court:
County Commissioner:
District 3
John Wiley Price

The Cedars is a rich convergence of everything you can find in Dallas: business, art, culture, nightlife, restaurants, lofts, development opportunities, churches, schools, social challenges and civic victories. One thing is sure: the Cedars is a neighborhood on the move.

Dallas City Services

  • Animal control, code compliance, traffic lights, water leaks, service requests by phone dial 3-1-1 or by Website
  • Sanitation/Bulk Trash - (214) 670-3555
  • Code Compliance - (214) 670-5708
  • City Hall services - by department
  • City of Dallas Website

Reported Improvements

In order to more accurately track issues that have been reported to 311 we have set up a tracking map. Please report your issues to 311 and then submit the info with the correct time, date and location of the occurrence on the map. Once the occurrence has been resolved please mark the item on the map as "complete". This will help inform others in the area so they may also report these issues and to server as a way to track what has been resolved.

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